How to Make Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

Written by: Gina Crosley-Corcoran, CCCE

When I decided to take up cloth diapering, it only made sense to switch to cloth wipes as well. Disposables cost money and the cheaper ones are usually filled with chemicals that can irritate a baby’s precious bum. But I’m a mom who loves convenience, so I wanted the cloth wipes to be as easy as disposables. I loved how disposables were pre-moistened, and easy to yank from a container.

At first I bought the expensive special cloth wipes, which were a total waste of money in my opinion.  Then I asked my mommy friends what they use and they pointed me toward the plain old baby washcloths ($3.00/5 pack) from Target.  Absolutely perfect.  I sat down to fold them into the container, and I felt like I struck a bit of genius by realizing I could fold them so they worked in the pop-up container – popping up one-at-a-time – just like disposables… only better!

So here are my instructions for “Pop-Up Cloth Wipes.” Enjoy!

Step 1: Lay out the first cloth, then place the second cloth halfway over it

Step 2: Fold one cloth over the other

Step 3: Lay another cloth over the side you just folded over (here it’s the blue side)

Step 4: Fold the opposite side over the cloth you just laid down (here we’ll fold the whales over)

Step 5: Keep laying and folding until you have a high enough stack

Step 6: Place the wipes in an old disposable “Pop Up” style container, or a wipes warmer. This old container is my favorite.

Step 7: Pour in your favorite cloth wipe solution, or make your own solution with this idea from Earth Mama Angel Baby.

Step 8: Voila!  Close the container and pull the first wipe through. 

You’ll enjoy the convenience of a one-at-a-time pop up wipe system just like disposables – except with cloth instead!

FINAL TIP:  This works best for babies who are still going through diapers quite frequently and using many wipes in a day. If your baby isn’t using as many, you may want to make less, or skip the step where we pre-moisten them. Wet cloths get stinky after a couple days in a container, so only make as many as you can use in that time, or leave them dry and wet them as you need them.

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Gina Crosley-Corcoran, CCCE

Gina is the chief editor and author of and The Feminist Breeder Resource Guide. She is a doula, certified childbirth educator, advocate, activist for women's and children's health, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelors in Business and Organizational Leadership. She is currently working on a Master of Public Health in Maternal Child Health and The University of Illinois Chicago. At home, she's a mother of two boys and a baby girl, and wife to a bilingual middle school teacher who laughs at all her jokes.

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2 Responses to “How to Make Pop-Up Cloth Wipes”

  1. I haven’t consistently used cloth wipes, but do use them… Usually I use a dry cloth to pre-clean baby’s tush before using the wet wipe… But I like the idea of putting the solution in a spray bottle, since I have an older baby and we don’t go through enough wipes to keep them pre-moistened…

  2. RuthJinno says:

    I figured this out after using cloth wipes for about a year. Hubby thinks I’m nuts to do this, but it works really well in our wipes warmer. :)

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