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Leaving Behind the Dream: Escaping Domestic Violence during Pregnancy

Copyright Elise C. Lopez

The first few times a partner makes mean comments about you it hurts, but you try to brush it off. After a while, it is still hurtful, but you think to yourself— well, at least s/he isn’t hitting me. Then that first slap comes almost as a surprise. Eventually, you may fear for your life. Victims of violence often think,...

Surrogacy Journey- Part 2

Copyright @ Jessica Marbot

Enjoy Part 2 of Jessica’s surrogacy story, with the conclusion of Emily’s letter to Albert. Read Part 1 here first! “Jessica slept most of the day and you took a nap, so I popped down to the hospital gift shop and bought some cards for Jess and your Dads, a stuffed animal for you, and a balloon for your Dads....

A Surrogacy Journey- Part 1

Jessica with Family (Copyright Jessica Marbot)

Surrogacy, the reference of a woman carrying a child for another couple, dates back to ancient times. In 2013 the definition of family has certainly changed with more and more LGBT couples creating families of their own.( The Human Rights Campaign now has information for the LGBT community about surrogacy and how to start the process.)   Over three years ago...

A Baby…Maybe? Opting to be pregnant after 35 years of age

Couple looking at ultrasound photos

Like many friends, colleagues, and clients, I had my children later on in life. I was 36 when my son was born after various fertility treatments. I then gave birth to my daughters, without assistance, at the ages of 38 and 40. Because of my ‘advanced maternal-age’ my pregnancies were considered to be high-risk. What exactly are these risks? And if...